Monday, July 11, 2016


You have to look everywhere these days to discover many top-notch consumer technology products with "Made in America" emblazoned in it. Good ol' globalization has been doing a number on household high-tech manufacturing, but if you dig deep enough viewers some exceptional and cutting-edge stuff continues to be being turned out right here in America of A, including these types of 11 items.

Apple's Macintosh Pro

Apple rightly gets heat for outsourcing high of its assembly and production to mammoth plants within China -- where labor's inexpensive and conditions are harsh -- but among its sexiest offerings is really produced right here in the USA. The mega-powerful Mac Professional desktop console -- that admittedly doesn't sell nearly as numerous units as most Apple company products -- is produced from a facility in Austin Texas, Texas.

All of Tesla's vehicles

Elon Musk's ever-growing electric-car empire -- like all his ambitious projects -- is actually US-based. Not every component is made in the USA (the batteries are really Chilean), but each vehicle is constructed in the company's Fremont, California factory -- exactly the same place Musk keeps the sleeping bag for whenever he's burning the night time oil.

Grado Labs' earphones

Any audiophile worth their noise-canceling salt knows Grado -- the headphone manufacturer preferred by legions associated with A-list musicians, studio benefits, and The Beatles' past due longtime producer Sir George Martin. The actual 60-plus-year-old, family-owned company is constantly on the make its world-class audio gear from an unassuming three-story creating in Brooklyn.

Vitamix blenders

The actual world's (arguably) best blenders tend to be truly an all-American achievement story. The brand premiered in earnest back within 1921 by William Grover Barnard, and it has remained privately owned and within the same family ever because. Its 900-plus employees nevertheless design and build all its award-winning products from its Olmsted Township, Kansas headquarters.

MAINGEAR computers

Unless you're a large gamer, you may not know about MAINGEAR, but its among the preeminent boutique makers associated with high-performance PCs for video gaming and specialized media manufacturing. The award-winning, 14-year-old company relies out of Kenilworth, New Jersey, and builds all associated with its custom machines here in the USA.

Zippo lighters

Considering their own popularity among American troops, it should come as no real surprise that Zippos are a good American product through as well as through. Since its founding within 1932, the brand's iconic refillable metal lighters -- that have been actually modeled after a well known Austrian brand's cigarette lighter of times -- have been produced mostly from an HQ in Bradford, Pa.

Weber grills

It seems fitting how the instrumental tool for among this country's greatest cuisines -- that is BBQ, by the way -- will be an American-made item. To become clear, not every Weber grill is made in the united states, but a good deal of the very popular ones, including the actual Genesis and Summit versions, are manufactured right within Palatine, Illinois.

URB-E electrical scooters

Currently the only collapsible electric scooter made in the USA (Pasadena, California, to end up being precise), these slick whips happen to be likened to motorized barstools, and can significantly accelerate your cross-town commute through zipping around at speeds as high as 15 miles per hr. Even better, they neatly collapse right down to a manageable size, to help you tote them around about the subway or into the crowded elevator without pissing away fellow passengers.

MAGLITE flashlights

These anodized aluminum beasts -- the most well-liked flashlight of cops, building crews, and defunct Y2K shelters around the world -- are proudly made in the united states. A sprawling 11-building campus within Ontario, California serves since the headquarters and manufacturing site for that brand, which has already been turning out the tough-as-shit portable lamps since 1979.

Kitchen-Aid remain mixers

Yep, your mom's favorite counter-top space-hogging baking tool is definitely an American product. Those iconic glossy enamel-colored cooking-show staples are assembled inside a factory that employs regarding 700 people in Greenville, Kansas. It's also worth noting that because the brand expanded its list of kitchen equipment (making dishwashers, stove ranges, etc. ), it's produced much of it in America as well.

Salvage Sound speakers

These sophisticated wireless loudspeakers -- which rock the vaguely mid-century modern aesthetic and are available in a whole slew of sizes -- are made and handmade in San Luis Obispo, California using a number of finished wood facades.