Sunday, July 10, 2016

Samsung Universe S7 Active Fails Water-Resistance Check: Consumer Reports

The rugged Samsung Galaxy S7 Active might not be so rugged after just about all, as it apparently unsuccessful a Consumer Reports' drinking water resistance test. Twice.

As the Galaxy S7 Active comes full of plenty of high-end specs and features to create it a powerful smart phone, its main selling point is based on its ruggedness. The "Active" moniker available on Galaxy handsets typically means they're stronger than their flagship counterparts.

Samsung may be offering Active versions of its flagships for any good while now, focusing on the ruggedized models from active, outdoorsy individuals who require a sturdier device that could withstand the casual drop, shower, splash, bundle and such.

The latest Galaxy S7 Active is supposed to possess a good water resistance as high as 30 minutes in as much as 5 feet of drinking water, thanks to its IP68 score. Consumer Reports conducted a good immersion test, however, and found how the handset's advertised water resistance isn't quite on par along with reality.

In fact, Consumer Reports' Galaxy S7 Energetic test run marks a surprising contrast towards the Galaxy S7 and S7 advantage, both of which previously passed exactly the same test with no difficulties. Consumer Reports ran the actual test twice, using 2 different Galaxy S7 Energetic units, just to make sure before revealing its results.

The first Galaxy S7 Energetic tested showed screen harm after being submerged within water, as green lines appeared about the display. The touch display became unresponsive and dampness found its way within both cameras.

Surprised through the results, Consumer Reported carried out its test on an additional Galaxy S7 Active smart phone, just to make sure the very first one was not defective. The second device failed the test too, getting a permanent flickering impact on its display. Water found myself in the phone's SIM greeting card slot, as well since the camera lenses.

The performance from the two devices did not improve despite drying out, with no positive modifications over the next few days. Neither of the 2 devices recovered.

"For a few days following the test, the screens of both phones would illuminate when the phones had been plugged in, though the displays couldn't be read, " information Consumer Reports. "The cell phones never returned to performance. "

Samsung, for it's part, says that "very couple of complaints" reached its ears regarding this problem, and the phones were included in warranty anyway. The company continues in order to tout its Galaxy S7 Active among the most rugged handsets up to now thnaks to its higher scratch resistance and IP68 accreditation.

"There may be an off-chance that the defective device is less watertight as it ought to be, " Samsung told Consumer Reports inside a written statement. The company is reportedly considering the matter.