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USB Gadgets You Do Not Need (But Need to Buy) At This Time

Impulsive gadget buying includes a long (if not proud) tradition dating back to the late-night Television infomercial, but the introduction associated with online shopping has juiced the practice as much as unprecedented heights. On top of this, the fact that you are able to power pretty much anything via USB nowadays has opened up an entire new world of weird-yet-useful-but-still-weird products you should use just by plugging into your pc (or phone charger). Here are a few of the best/weirdest.

Radio Tube USB Extension: $19

USB extenders have been around for some time now, and help provide you with easy access to inconveniently located USB ports on the desktop computer. This one's a similar as all the other people, except it's got a significant steampunk thing going on thanks to the wood construction as well as retro vacuum tube at the very top.

LED Nightlight: $6. 99

It does not get much simpler than the usual row of LEDs stuck to some USB strip, but that simplicity means you are able to take these things where ever you go. Yes, probably the most practical use is like a wall-mounted nightlight, but you can most likely find plenty of other things you can do with them... right?

Small beer fridge: $35. 99

If you're the type of person who shouts "It's 5 o'clock somewhere! " over the office at any obtainable opportunity, you should probably get this tiny drink chillier -- it's big enough to suit two cans (or 1 bottle). You should also probably rethink your workplace behavior.

Digital microscope: $39. 52

Haven't you ever wanted to check out something really, really, truly up-close and personal? You are able to totally do that with this particular USB microscope. Just plug it into your pc and install the incorporated software, and you're prepared to start examining parts of the body at up in order to 40x magnification -- at the own risk, of program.

Waterproof borescope: $18. 99

If you'd like to have a tiny, flexible camera you should use to find the fork that fell between your oven and the kitchen area counter, this is your own jam. It plugs into your pc (or smartphone! ), and it's even waterproof in the event you need to fish your wedding ring from the toilet. Wait, why's your wedding band in the toilet?

LED fan clock: $11. 30

Yes, your computer already includes a clock that'll show you time... but does that clock also will give you continuous gust of awesome, refreshing air? Does it impress/annoy your desk mates using its bombastic, oppressive nerdiness? When the answer to both those questions isn't any, then the choice is actually clear: buy this absurd fan clock.

Heated slippers: $28. 99

You might say how the point of slippers would be to keep your feet comfortable as you walk throughout the house. You might also continue to question the usefulness of a set of slippers that must be connected to a computer (or outlet) to supply heat. Then again, for those who have a portable USB energy pack, you can side-step which issue and comfortably shuffle through room to room along with warm, sweaty feet.

USB drink warmer: $16.99

Spending extended hours at the computer requires the drinking of comfortable beverages (like coffee) -- however most mugs don't maintain those beverages warm for lengthy. Unless, of course, you've got a combination USB hub/drink hotter, in which case you may never have to worry regarding microwaving cold coffee once again.


Sunday, May 28, 2017

Best Stand Mixers - Your Shopping Guide

KitchenAid Professional 600 Series  Picture: bestkitchenmixer

Best Stand Mixers - Your Shopping Guide - Stand mixers are a wonderful invention. They are a big kitchen appliance that has a bowl, arm and beaters that mixes ingredients for us while we are doing other things. They save us time and are a must in the modern kitchen of today.

With a good one of these you will never have to mix by hand again. But choose a bad one and a fork will serve you better. This guide is to help you choose the best stand mixer for your needs and budget. Because buying 3 of them over a few years will definitely not be cheap.

If you bake or cook all the time and love to entertain many people at once then look into the 6 or 7 quart models. These can handle the big jobs. However if you aren't too serious and never do large batches then a 4 quart model should be perfect for you.

Also, if you do a lot of meat grinding for sausages, juicing for fruit drinks or dough for breads then definitely look into the available attachments. There are many such as a juicer, grinder, hook, rod, whisk etc. These make life a lot easier instead of having to buy all these appliances. Some brands even provide attachments with their mixers.

The wattage of the mixer is one of the more important features and again they range from around 300 to 900 watts. If you don't do anything too drastic, 300 will be fine. If you love making German-style whole-wheat bread, then definitely get a 900-watt machine.

Stand mixers tend to be very heavy which makes them hard to move around but is very good for it's overall performance. The heavier it is, the more you can be rest assured that it will work well and last a long time.

Looks are another important consideration that many people forget to mention. What color is your kitchen? What colors will look really silly and will clash with it? Thankfully, stand mixers now come in a very wide variety of colors ranging from sea-foam green to dark silver and everything in-between. So take your time and choose a nice complimentary color wisely.
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Below mentioned are the great advantages of using stand mixer:

1. Speeds: Speeds is one of the great benefits of using stand mixer. It features 325 watt mixer with ten types of speeds. No matter why kind of food you are making, a stand mixer can definitely help you. One can make use of slow speed while mixing eggs and use faster speeds while kneading dough and other types of mixing tasks.

2. No Mess: While using a hand mixer for mixing, there is a chance that some ingredients spill on the table. But it is not an issue anymore with stand mixer. Because of its huge stainless steel bowl it minimizes the food spilling all over the kitchen. And also, the huge stainless steel bowl either on high or low speed can mix the ingredients properly when compared with a hand mixer.

3. Hands-free mixing: Kneading dough or mixing the eggs with a hand mixer is irritating sometimes. This could one of the reasons why bakes or cooking takes long time to make them, and there is no way that one can do other cooking tasks until not done with mixing. This is not the situation anymore with the new stand mixer. Stand mixer is a best solution to minimize the time in mixing and also the effort used in mixing will be less.

4. Stability: Purchasing a stand mixer is a great investment as this product will last for long time with correct handling. It is made of stainless steel, which is strong and stable in various temperatures.

5. Unique equipment: This device can make use of various additional attachments. The most common attachment of the device is food grinders, ice cream makers, pasta roller and more. But, these additional attachments have to be purchased for extra price.
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In concept, the trend to create "smart" or internet-connected variations of everyday objects ought to be making our lives simpler and better. However, things have gotten a little beyond control, with aspiring entrepreneurs therefore thirsty to conceive from the Next Big Thing that they are just vomiting up costly and absurd smart products that claim to resolve problems no one has ever endured.

That's not to state there aren't some devices inside the Internet of Things universe which are wonderfully helpful and serve the best purpose. Here are several that are actually worth the cash.

Amazon Replicate
What it is: A voice-activated speaker designed with an Amazon's artificially smart assistant, Alexa
Just say its title and Alexa will play that certain album you can't stop hearing, read you the most recent headlines, request an Uber, determine measurement conversions, add items to your grocery list, actually re-order toilet paper. And while its listing of helpful features is growing longer each day, what's perhaps most important here's that it's compatible with a lot of other smart devices, and you will thus easily control individuals with your voice, too. Just keep in mind, it's always listening, therefore don't do anything truly stupid.

Home Learning Thermostat
What it's: A thermostat that automatically adjusts based on your schedule
Nest's flagship device basically learns your day-to-day routine and automatically adjusts the temperature in your house or office (or wherever you need to use it) to conserve just as much energy as possible. For instance, after a couple days of manual use it will start to understand what temps you want at bedtime, while you consume breakfast, when you go back home from work, and the like, and begin automatically modifying accordingly. It's also equipped along with sensors and phone-tracking tech it uses to determine whenever no one's around in order that it shifts to an Eco mode to save energy.

Google Home
What it is actually: An artfully sculptural voice-activated loudspeaker powered by Google Helper
Google's answer to the Amazon Echo isn't just a better-looking device designed to fit seamlessly among your own existing decor (its base will come in a range of various colors), but it's substantially better at answering your own questions since it's driven by Google. And while the Replicate can coordinate with and control a lot of smart products, Home may control your Chromecast as well as Nest products. And in the event that Google's recent foray in to hardware is any sign, it will likely incorporate much more advanced features and functions soon.

Nest Camera Indoor & Outdoor
What they're: Security cameras that supply live video feeds and send alerts once they detect activity
$199 every
Another powerful tool within Nest's arsenal are it's cameras, available in each indoor and outdoor variations, and decked out with features that assist you to keep close tabs in your property from afar. Depending on what you want to use them for, you are able to program 'em to ping you whenever motion's detected, or anytime it notices a human being. Even better, you can watch the live stream or draw up what it's been recording anytime from halfway across the world via your phone or even computer.

Philips Color
What it is: Wireless lighting systems you are able to control using your telephone
$50 and up
Nothing affects your mood and energy that can compare with lighting, and being in a position to customize it on cue is actually more useful than you may imagine. Beyond allowing you to definitely flick your bulbs upon or off and darkish them via your telephone or tablet, Philips Hue can glow any color within the spectrum, be programmed to imitate the rising sun each morning, and even sync using what you're listening to or even watching. You can additionally easily mix, match, and bundle bulbs as well as lightstrips to outfit only a single room or deck out your whole home.

What it's: A top-notch networked wireless sound system
$199 and up
Similar to Philips Hue can aesthetically transform your home's feel, a Sonos system provides you with the power to control the sound throughout your house. By placing its top-notch wireless speakers in various rooms, you create a personalized network of "zones" that enables you to broadcast audio from your preferred streaming services in as few or as numerous different areas as you would like, and even listen to different streams in various areas simultaneously. Its app also causes it to be incredibly simple to setup custom musical alarms in order to gently wake you from or lull you to definitely sleep.

iRobot Roomba 960
What it's: A robotic vacuum that automatically cleans and may be controlled from your own phone
Walking barefoot on the meticulously clean floor is among life's underrated pleasures, but vacuuming frequently enough to maintain 'em that way sucks. Key in Roomba 960, which exists solely to maintain the wood, carpet, as well as tile beneath your feet spick and span. You are able to either program it in order to unleash its auto-sweeping fury on the daily schedule, navigating below and around furniture, together walls, and zipping around inside a high-efficiency pattern to include maximum square footage whatsoever amount of time, or control it by way of your device from afar to complete a thorough on-demand cleanup before you decide to get home. Even much better, it treats each area with just as much care as needed, utilizing optical and acoustic devices to detect high levels of dirt, dust, or hair and concentrating on them 'til they're completely clean. And if that isn't enough, consider just how much your pets will like it.